Meet Your Digital Marketing Partner

Your business is already profitable. You’re already a success.

But you are tired of relying on word-of-mouth and referrals to fuel your business. You’re ready to take things to the next level and automate as much of your lead generation and sales processes as possible.

What you need is a comprehensive digital marketing strategy and a long-term plan to execute it.

Foxy Creative Co. is more than a web design company, we are your trusted business BFF, we know how to strategize and we know how to market your business so your pipeline is full of leads – full of people wanting to work with you and buy your products!

We work with many service based professionals such as coaches, consultants, attorneys, and dentists. We also work with product-based businesses such as skincare companies and fashion boutiques.

Our “conversion focused” approach to digital marketing is to first understand the ins and outs of your business, who you are targeting and “why” you are in business. We then craft compelling copy that targets your customer’s road blocks, their pain points and shows them the antidote is your product or service. This is accomplished through a targetted web design or expertly executed Facebook Ads campaign.

Because at Foxy Creative Co, we are not only well-educated web designers but we are also expert marketers, digital strategists, and lead conversion specialists.

“Roxanne (Foxy Creative Co.) has an impressive demeanor and level of professionalism. Going the extra mile, getting the job done, and succeeding at anything she does are comments followed by her name and don’t give justice to how much substance she really brings.”

Jaime Castro

Your website should work for you, not against you.

Remember, a website is NOT supposed to be just a pretty brochure or seen as another business card. A website is supposed to provide you a return on your investment and be used to maximize your marketing efforts.

Not to mention, a new visitor coming to your website for the first time should be able to know what you are about within 5 seconds of landing on any page of your website.

This is about providing clear calls-to-action and answering the question every visitor has – “what’s in it for me?” They aren’t concerned with all of the awards you’ve won, your fancy education, or the accolades you’ve received from the governor. None of that matters unless you can tell them exactly how you are going to help them FIRST!

Interested in how Foxy Creative Co. will help you achieve a positive ROI from your website?