Who would you rather partner with someone who is a jack-of-all-trades OR someone who specializes in turning browsers into buyers?

You started your business out of a passion. Your heart and soul have gone into your business. You’ve worked your tail feathers off making it a success.

It’s also the thing that keeps you up at night.

You secretly worry about how to get more customers/clients/patients to purchase your services or products.

You wonder if maybe you should start doing more social media, or hire that SEO company after all.

Maybe people can’t find your website or when they do it’s turning them away.

Thankfully there are companies out there who are ready and willing to help you. Professionals who run their business the same way you do – with integrity, professionalism and a lot of heart.

You are an expert at your craft. You know the lingo and all of the acronyms of your industry. When you started your business, you quickly got up to speed by putting the word out to your network of friends and family. The lifeblood of your business has been word-of-mouth and referrals.

When someone says their business is built solely on referrals – what they are really saying is “I don’t know how to market myself.” And typically their business is a roller coaster – some months being overwhelmed with business and other months wondering where everybody went.

If you want consistent customers/clients/patients, then I am here to tell you there is a better way. That the power of internet marketing is real and you can attract people who are only finding you online. And no, I’m not talking about the elusive SEO. 😉

Hi, my name is Roxanne Ray.

I’ve been immersed in the online marketing world for many years now after graduating with my B.S. in Business Marketing from the University of South Florida.

I am a self-proclaimed marketing junkie and the Founder & Chief Digital Strategist here at Foxy Creative Co.

I started this company out of both a passion and a need. A passion for helping my fellow entrepreneurs build successful businesses and realize their dreams of time and financial freedom. And a need to help those who are getting it all wrong online. Who are being taken advantage of by SEO companies and amateur designers who only know how to code but don’t know how to generate leads and sales for your business online. 

So I came up with a better way: Foxy Creative Co. 

If you’ve been worried your business is missing out on potential income from online – worry no more. I take continuing education just as serious as an attorney or doctor does. It may not be required to keep a certificate, but it helps me help YOU!

Here at Foxy Creative Co, we design Facebook (& Instagram) Ad Campaigns, YouTube Ad Campaigns, script & edit marketing videos for your business, and automate the online marketing and advertising for your business.

It’s fun and fascinating to me because I not only love marketing & design, I also love getting to know people just like you!

Foxy Creative Co.'s Business Manifesto

We believe in building long-term partnerships.  We work both for you and with you.

Responsive Communication is the only way. We reply to emails and phone calls wicked fast.

Transparency is the core part of my communication style. Expect no BS, fluff, or jargon. We speak human.

Progress over perfection – because what is the definition of perfect anyways?

Stay sane by laughing at least once a day and injecting fun wherever possible!

Why you should choose Foxy Creative Co. for your next Facebook Advertising Campaign

There is a ton of information online with so-called “experts” everywhere you turn.  You’re worried you won’t choose the right person or company to help you. Even more, everyone “knows a guy”.  But not every marketing company knows how to bake in a conversion strategy with their ad campaigns.

What you need is a lead generating marketing machine that works even while you sleep to deliver your business leads on tap.

That’s why our “Conversion Focused” Ad Campaigns incorporates all of these 3 elements:

1. Persuasion (attracting your BEST customers)

2. Conversions (converting browsers into buyers[leads for your business])

3. Nurturing (massaging those leads into paying customers)

Ready to take your online social media presence to the next-level?


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